Math Final Answers – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Once you’ve completed all six classes of a subject you are able to take a final exam. This final exam tests you knowledge on everything learned during the class. The test tasks you with answering a total of 5 questions. To pass you need to ensure you’ve answered a certain amount of questions correctly. To help you pass here’s the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Math final answers guide.

Math Finals Answers for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

The final exam for Math tests you knowledge of everything you’ve learned in the Math class at Naranja/Uva Academy. This means you will be tested on things like simple purchase multiplication, power, critical chance percentage, and damage dealt numbers.

To pass this test you need to answer 4/5 questions correct. Like the previous questions you’ve done, you will be presented multiple choices. Choose the correct answer from the choices to input it (video guide). The correct answers to the Math final are:

Math Final Question 1

Q. How many Great Balls could you purchase for $3,000 if each one costs $600?
A. Five.

Math Final Question 2

Q. If a Water-type Pokemon move with a power of 100 lands a critical hit on a Grass-type Pokemon, what will the move’s power be??
A. 75.

Math Final Question 3

Q. Under normal conditions, what percent chance does Stone Edge have to land a critical hit?
A. About 12 percent.

Math Final Question 4

Q. If a Pokemon uses Sword Dance twice to boost its Attack by four stages, how much damage will its physical moves then do?
A. Triple Damage.

Math Final Question 5

Q. If a Rock-type Pokemon whose Tera Type is Rock Terastallizes, what will the power of its Rock-type moves be multiplied by?
A. 2.

Once you’ve finished inputting your answers for the final exam you return to the Entrance Hall. Here the receptionist gives you your final grade. For passing the exam you receive 5x Exp Candy M.

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