Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gimmighoul Evolution

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Gholdego.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Gimmighoul evolution is a bit of a mystery when you first play the game. This mystery appears to revolve around collecting special coins littered throughout Paldea. Collecting these coins is part of the process to evolve the mysterious chest Pokemon. To learn exactly what you need to do, see our guide below.

Get a Gimmighoul

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Gimmighoul Chest Form.
Gimmighoul in Chest Form.

The first step in the Gimmighoul evolution process is to acquire a Gimmighoul. To do this you can either go out and catch one or trade someone for one. If you opt to catch one you will need to look on top of the 13 Watchtowers across Paldea. Here you will find the Chest Form of Gimmighoul that you can battle. Fight one and catch it. Alongside the Pokemon you will also receive a bundle of Gimmighoul Coins which hints at the next step in the evolution journey.

Collect 999 Gimmighoul Coin

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Gimmighoul Coin.
Gimighoul Coins.

Once you’ve snagged a Gimmighoul the next step is to start collecting Gimmighoul Coin. These coins come from a few sources across Paldea including defeating Chest Form Gimmighouls, interacting with Roaming Gimmighouls, and finding coin bundles in shiny spots. The amount of coins you need to evolve Gimmighoul is 999. Once you’ve reached that amount proceed to the next step.

Level Up Gimmighoul

After you’ve acquired 999 Gimmighoul coins the final step is to level up Gimmighoul once. To do this you can battle it against other Pokemon or use levelling up items like a Rare Candy or EXP Candies. Upon levelling Gimmighoul up once it will evolve into Gholdengo. Gholdengo is #392 in your Pokedex. This Pokemon must be caught/traded for if you are pursuing completion of you Pokedex.

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