Battle Studies Class Answers Guide – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet players can attend class at Naranja/Uva Academy. These classes give you the chance to learn more about Pokemon and different aspects of them. These classes typically contain some type of question the player can answer while attending them. To help you answer the questions correctly, here’s our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Studies class answers guide.

How to Start Battle Studies Class?

Image showing the class selection screen in Pokemon Scarlet's Naranja Academy.

When you have a class available to start in Naranja/Uva Academy you will receive a prompt on your HUD. This prompt will say something like “Battle Studies Class is available.” Upon seeing this prompt head to the academy and go into the Entrance Hall. In the Entrance Hall approach the front desk and speak to the lady there. She will ask you what class would you like to take from a selected class list.

Battle Studies Class Answers for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Image showing a Battle Class question asked in Pokemon Scarlet.

Battle Studies Class is one of the classes you can attend in Naranja/Uva Academy. This class teaches you about the different aspects of Pokemon battles like where they come from and how to befriend them.

There are a total six Battle Studies classes to complete with a question asked in each one. You answer the questions asked by selecting from a group of possible answers. The correct answers for the questions are:

Battle Studies (1) Question

Q: There are two categories that attack moves can fall under. Know what they are?

A. Physical moves and special moves.

Battle Studies (2) Question

Q. This cheer restores HP for all ally Pokemon. What do you think it is?

A. Heal up!

Battle Studies (3) Question

Q. What should you do if a Pokemon puts up a Tera Shield?

A. Terastilize and attack it.

Battle Studies (4) Question

Q. Does anyone have any questions so far?

A. Pick any answer (doesn’t matter).

Battle Studies (5) Question

Q. To create TMs, you need Pokemon materials and one other thing. Does anyone remember what that is?

A. LP.

Battle Studies (6) Question

Q. What rule set should you pick if you want to use a lower-level Pokemon and keep its level low?

A. Flat Rules.


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