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Pokemon Legends Arceus The Taste of Home is Request 48. This Request comes from Floaro. Floaro wants to make a treat for his Eevee using ingredients from his hometown. He asks you to get them for him. Check out Hold To Reset’s guide to Pokemon Legends Arceus The Taste of Home below.

Request 48 Notes

  • Requested By: Floaro (Quarters).
  • Description: “Floaro of the Construction Corps is thinking of cooking a treat from his homeland to try to win over an Eevee, and he has asked you to gather some ingredients.”
  • Target: Hearty Grains x3; Hopo Berry x2; Razz Berry.
  • Rewards: Exp. Candy S.

Where to Start The Taste of Home (Request 48)

When this Request is available you will see an icon on a house along Canala Avenue. Go inside the house and speak to Floaro who is inside with his Eevee. Floaro tells you what he’s planning and makes the request of you to grab ingredients for him. He wants the ingredients to make a dish for Eevee from his hometown.

Where to find Hearty Grains, Hopo Berry, and Razz Berry

You can collect the ingredients you need from two different maps: the Crimson Mirelands and the Cobalt Coastlands. The locations of each are:

  • Hearty Grains: Crimson Mirelands (grows on ground/found in bales).
  • Hopo Berry and Razz Berry: Cobalt Coastlands (berry trees).

Go to these locations and gather the needed materials for Floaro. Once you have enough return to Jubilife Village and head to his house. Go inside and speak to him. Give him the ingredients to trigger a cutscene. During the cutscene you are given a muffin and Recipe: Jubilife Muffin. After the cutscene concludes you will complete the Request and are given your rewards.

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