Pokemon Legends Arceus The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial Guide

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The second main story mission in Pokemon Legends Arceus is called The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial. This trial tasks the player with visiting the Obsidian Fieldlands to catch three different Pokemon. To help you complete this mission use our Pokemon Legends Arceus The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial guide below.

Depart for the Obsidian Fieldlands from Jubilife Village’s front gate

Once you receive your first partner Pokemon you will start this mission. The first step in the mission is to go to the Obsidian Fieldlands. To do this leave The Galaxy Team’s HQ and head to the east until you reach the gate. Approach the group standing next to the gate to trigger a cutscene. One of the people in the group is named Volo. Volo challenges you to a battle. Volo uses Togepi. Defeat Volo in battle to level up. Vole heals your Pokemon and gives you 5 Potions.

After the battle walk over to the gate. When you walk into the gate an overworld map opens. Select the Fieldlands Camp to the east to head to this location. When you reach the camp there is another cutscene. After the cutscene you will get the next objective for the quest.

Capturing a Bidoof:

Exit the camp and make your way to Akari, who will inform you about Aspiration Hill. This location is where you’ll find the three Pokémon, including Bidoof, that you need to capture. While she’s explaining this, a Bidoof will appear. Your task is to capture it. Approach the Bidoof and toss a Poké Ball to secure your catch.

Capturing a Starly:

After successfully catching the Bidoof, Akari proceeds down the path. Catch up with her and engage in conversation. A Starly will suddenly appear before you. Starly tends to be skittish, so they might flee if startled. To capture it, crouch down and enter the tall grass on your left. Stealthily approach the Starly and then throw a Poké Ball to add it to your team.

Capturing Shinx:

Continue your journey down the path, sticking with Akari. She’ll further educate you on using your Pokémon to collect items and investigate various objects. After her explanation, utilize your partner Pokémon to shake berries from the tree in front of you. Proceed along the path toward Akari once more. A Shinx will make an appearance. Keep in mind that Shinx can be rather aggressive.Following her warning, the Shinx will launch an attack. Deploy your partner Pokémon to engage it in battle. When the Shinx is weakened, utilize an Item > Poké Ball to capture it. Once you’ve successfully caught the Shinx, Akari will engage you in conversation. Subsequently, return to the base camp to converse with the professor.

Reward from Captain Cyllene:

After your meeting at the base camp, make your way back to the village. Head to the HQ and seek out Captain Cyllene in her office. Impressed by your success in the trial, she commends your achievements and rewards you with the Survey Corps uniform as a token of appreciation.

Use the Mirror to Change Your Clothing

Image showing how to change your clothing in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Mirror in quarters.

Before you can advance any further you need to change into your Survey Corps uniform. To do this head back to your quarters. Inside your quarters walk over to the Mirror in the bedroom. Interact with the mirror and change into the uniform by putting on the top and sandals.

Once dressed leave the quarters to instantly travel back to the HQ. Here you will speak to Akari. Cyllene then appears and gives you a hat to round out your outfit. Head upstairs and continue on to the third floor to meet Kamado, commander of the Galaxy Expedition Team. This meeting ends the mission, you receive the Recipe: Poke Ball and 3,000 Pokemon Dollars for your efforts. The next mission to complete is called The Basics of Crafting.

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