Pokemon Legends Arceus Back-Alley Mr Mime Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Back-Alley Mr Mime is Request 21 in the game. This Request is unlocked after you catch a Mr. Mime. Once you’ve caught this Pokemon you will have a Request on the Request Board. To help you complete Request 21 see HTR’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Back-Alley Mr Mime guide below.

Request 21 Notes

  • Requested By: Andra (via Request Board).
  • Description: “That villager named Andra wants your help again, this time about a Mr. Mime that’s behaving suspiciously.”
  • Target: Mr. Mime.
  • Rewards: Aux Guard x2.

Where to Start Back-Alley Mr Mime (Request 21)

Image showing the Request 21, Back-Alley Mr Mime.
Request 21.

To get this Request to appear you need to catch a Mr Mime. Mr Mimes can be found in the Sandgem Flats in Obsidian Fieldlands. Catch one of these Pokemon then go to the professor’s office in the Team Galaxy Hall to collect Request 21.

Leave the hall and go speak to Andra. Andra asks you to look into a Mr Mime that has been acting strangely in the alleyway near him. You need to figure out how to approach it.

Chase Mr Mime then Catch Him

Image showing approaching Mr Mime in the alley.
Approaching Mr Mime in the back-alley.

Don’t walk straight at the Mr. Mime. Instead north along Canala Avenue and use the north alleyway entrance to get behind it. Walk up to the Mr. Mime and interact with it to cause it to run. Chase Mr. Mime to behind the Team Galaxy Hall. Speak to Andra on the eastside of the building then run around the front of the HQ so you get behind it. Run through the invisible wall maze then interact with Mr. Mime.

Mr. Mime will run away yet again. Go to the marker by the river to meet up with Andra again. Speak to him then approach the Mr Mime by going around the invisible walls. Interact one final time to trigger a cutscene. Andra will trap Mr. Mime and you will learn it actually helps the guards. This ends the Request.

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