Pokemon Legends Arceus An Elegant Tail Guide

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Pokemon Legends Arceus An Elegnat Tail is Request 41. This Request tasks you with finding a Pokemon with an Elegant Tail for a villager named Asabei. To help you find this Pokemon check out Hold To Reset’s Pokemon Legends Arceus An Elegant Tail guide below.

Request 41 Notes

  • Requested By: Asabei (South of Farm).
  • Description: “A villager named Asabei saw the tail of a Pokemon hiding behind some rocks and was captivated by its elegant movements. He wants you to show him this Pokemon.”
  • Target: Glameow.
  • Rewards: Aux Evasion x2; Grit Gravel x2.

Where to Start An Elegant Tail (Request 41)

You can start the An Elegant Tail Request by speaking to Asabei on the ridge to the south of the Farm. He will tell you about the Pokemon he saw, but can only give you a hint which is that it has a tail that curls like a spring. Lucky for us that’s an easy Pokemon to find.

Catch a Glameow and Show it to Asabei

Image showing Glameow's habitat.
Glameow’s habitats.

The Pokemon that Asabei is speaking of is Glameow. This Pokemon has a spring like tail. To find one for yourself make your way to the Cobalt Coastlands and look in the named locations of Crossing Slope or Veilstone Cape. Catch a Glameow when you encounter one then return to Asabei.

Show Asabei the Glameow that you caught. There will be a short cutscene and he will thank you for showing him the Pokemon he remembered. This ends the Request and you receive your rewards.

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