Pokemon Legends Arceus Battling with Pachirisu Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Battling with Pachirisu is Request 35 in the game. This Request tasks players with helping Ren learn how to use Pachirisu in battle. To help you complete this Request consult Hold To Reset’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Battling with Pachirisu guide below.

Request 35 Notes

  • Requested By: Ren (via Request Board).
  • Description: “It seems Ren from the Security Corps has a request concerning how to command a Pachirisu in battle.”
  • Target: Pachirisu.
  • Rewards: Sitrus Berry x3; Grit Gravel.

Where to Start Battling with Pachirisu (Request 35)

Image showing where to start the Battling the Pachirisu.

You can start this Request by visiting the Request Board in the Professor’s lab in the Team Galaxy HQ. Approach the board and interact with it. Select Battling with Pachirisu (when available) to trigger the Request to begin.

The first step in the quest is to speak with Ren to learn more about his Request. To find Ren go the Crimson Mirelands and visit the Mirelands Camp. Ren is standing near the Professor when you arrive. Speak to him to learn what he needs.

Catch a Pachirisu and then Battle Ren

Image showing the Pachirisu habitats.
The Pachirisu habitats.

This Request has two parts to complete. First you need to catch a Pachirisu (if you don’t have one already). Pachirisu can be found in the Droning Meadows named area of the Crimson Mirelands. Go there and catch one to use.

Return to Ren and place the Pachirisu so its the only Pokemon you have on your team. Fight Ren, who uses a Ursaring (Lv. 30) in battle and beat him. When he is defeated you will complete this Request.

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