PlayStation 5 Update 7.01.01 Patch Notes

PlayStation has been releasing a flurry of patches for their 2 year old console lately. The major patch, 07.00.00, released a few weeks ago adding Discord support to the console. Following up that patch was a mini-patch called 07.01.00 which fixed issues with Discord integration. Now, about a week there is another patch upon us. Today PlayStation released the PlayStation 5 Update 7.01.01. See the patch notes below to see what’s inside it.

What’s in PlayStation 5 Update 7.01.01

PlayStation 5 logo.
PlayStation 5 logo.

Today’s console update is fairly low key. The official patch notes from the PlayStation support website point to this release being aimed at fixing “an issue in Game Library where content was displayed incorrectly under certain conditions…” That’s all the notes have to say.

The patch itself comes in at 834MB. There are no patch notes on the console itself (at least that I’ve seen). So basically this is a fairly under the radar fix PlayStation is deploying for an issue that seems to be effecting some people.

In other PlayStation news today we got our first look at the April 2023 PlayStation Plus games lineup. There are three titles members of the service will be able to snag for free including one that is release day access.

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