Pickup Blowup Live Event Guide (Week 4 Live Event) – Far Cry 5

Pickup Blowup Live Event

Another week, another Live Event in Far Cry 5. This weeks challenge has players destroying Cult Trucks with proximity explosives, remote explosives, dynamites, grenades or pipe bombs. To help you complete this week’s Live Event and score some sweet loot, I’ve thrown together this Pickup Blowup Live Event guide. Let’s start blowing up some stuff.

Pickup Blowup Live Event Requirements

Pickup Blowup Live Event challenge guide for Far Cry 5.

As mentioned above, this week’s Live Event is all about blowing thing ups. To be more specific the personal and community challenges are as follows:

  • Destroy 15 Trucks = 1970 Kimberlite ZZT “The Cultbuster”.
    • 50 Silver at 8.
  • Destroy 1000000 Trucks = Undercover Cultist Outfit.
    • 50 Silver at 500k.

The challenge this week is fairly simple. What you are gonna wanted to do before jumping in is hit up either a Shop or have a ton of materials on hand to create the explosives we need to complete the Live Event.

Completing Live Event Pickup Blowup

This week’s Live Event is pretty easy for anyone but those of us who have beaten the game. Those of you who are still playing through the main story, should have ample trucks roaming around to destroy. Simple hang around any major road and you should come across vehicles pretty regularly.

If you’re like me (having played the game like crazy since launch), you will probably notice a distinct lack of enemies around Hope County. This makes the challenge more of a pain than necessary. To easily complete it, I simply used Outpost Master to reset all Outposts. Once you have access to Outposts again, simply go to one and let them call reinforcements in and wait for Trucks to roll in. Repeat as needed.

How to Access Your Loot from the Live Event

Once you’ve destroyed enough trucks, you will earn a couple pieces of loot: the 1970 Kimberlite ZZT “The Cultbuster” and the Undercover Cultist outfit (community goal). To access your loot, you will need to access the specific item shop related to the loot.

Garage: Access any garage to use your 1970 Kimberlite ZZT “The Cultbuster”. It is located under the Automobiles tab.

Character Customization: To access your Undercover Cult outfit, make your way to the character customization option in your menu. Access the Outfit Category and you will find the outfit near the bottom.

There you have it, a quick and simple guide to completing the Pickup Blowup Live Event in Far Cry 5. Let me know what you thought of the event in The Pit below.



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