Pet Simulator X Tokyo Alley Quest

In the Hologram update for Roblox’s Pet Simulator X experience the developers added a new quest players can take part in. This new quest is called Tokyo Alley and it has a special egg attached to completing it. To learn more about the quest and how to complete it, see our full Pet Simulator X Tokyo Alley quest guide below.

Where to Start Tokyo Alley Quest

Pet Simulator X Tokyo Alley egg event entrances.
Tokyo Alley egg quest entrances.

To take part in the Tokyo Alley quest you need to have access to the Kawaii World. The Kawaii World is accessible through Limbo after you’ve completed Doodle World. The location of the special egg quest is the Kawaii Tokyo biome. This is a first area and it features the standard shops and other amenities you see at the start of a new world.

Alongside the standard shops you will notice something else in the Kawaii Tokyo biome. There are four alleys in the city that features signs saying Tokyo Alley Egg Entrance and then a number. These alleys are where the quest takes place.

Tokyo Alley Quest Explained

Pet Simulator X Tokyo Alley huge chest blocking path.
A huge chest blocking the alley path.

Taking part in the Tokyo Alley quest is a fairly simple process. Down each alley you will find three Huge Chests blocking your way. These chests have super high health (4920Qtish) and require having either a stacked Pet team, help from friends, or help from the server. To complete the quest you need to destroy all three Huge Chests in an alley so you reach the end. At the end you may encounter the Tokyo Alley Egg. If you don’t you will need to go to the other alleys and repeat the process until you do.

One thing about the quest that you should note is that the quest does have a time limit. Every 60 minutes the egg changes location. This means it may switch to a different alley if you are too slow. Keep this in mind before starting the quest.

Tokyo Alley Egg

The goal of this quest is to reach the Tokyo Alley Egg at the end of one of the alleys. Once you find it you can hatch it like you would other eggs in the game. Keep in mind it is very expensive at 800m Cartoon Coins. This means you need to have a lot of currency available for farming it. The Tokyo Alley Egg contains the following pets:

Sailor Narwhal96%Epic
Chef Monkey??%Legendary
Cupcake Unicorn??%Mythical
Huge Kawaii Dragon??%Mythical
Huge Ninja Axolotl??%Mythical

Obviously the major draw here is both the Huge Pets you have the chance of hatching. Both the Huge Kawaii Dragon and the Huge Ninja Axolotl can drop from this egg. With that said the high price makes farming it a pain and will require someone that has deep pockets to be able to farm. If you need coins you can try taking on the Kawaii Temple chest at the end of the world.

If the Tokyo Alley Egg is not interesting enough to you there is a second secret area in Kawaii World for players to visit called the Dojo. This secret area is located at the very end of the world. Once this area is opened you gain access to the special Dojo Egg which has its own Huge Pet.

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