Pet Simulator X Tiki Egg

The Pet Simulator X Tiki Egg is a special Summer Event egg that players can earn from being online in the game at a specific time. This egg features a high chance at hatching a special Huge Pet called the Huge Luau Cat. To learn more about the Tiki Egg and how you can get it for yourself, see our guide below.

How to Get the Tiki Egg

Tiki Egg received in Pet Simulator X.
Message you see when you get a Tiki Egg.

The Tiki Egg can be acquired through two methods. The first method is meeting the requirements to receive one as a gift at 11:59pm and 11:59am CDT everyday. To get this gift egg you need to ensure your account has done one of the following requirements as laid out by BIG Games:

  1. Account is Roblox Phone/ID Verified.
  2. Roblox Premium member.
  3. VIP.
  4. Playtime dedicated player.

If you do any of the above you will receive an egg each time you are in the game at 11:59pm and 11:59am CDT everyday. To ensure you get the egg try and login to the game before the time and wait for it. This ensures you will get it and are not late. Tiki Eggs go directly into your inventory when you receive one. You will see a message telling you when you got it.

The second method of getting Tiki Eggs is to either trade or buy it from other players. If you want to buy the Tiki Egg you can visit the Trading Plaza where many players are selling the gift egg for Gems. Keep in mind it is a bit expensive to purchase. As for trading you will need to track down players willing to make a deal for the eggs.

What Pets are Inside the Tiki Egg

The Tiki Egg contains Summer Pets for players to hatch. The Huge Pet, called the Huge Luau Cat, is the main focus of the egg, but there are other pets you can hatch as well. The chances of hatching all the Tiki Egg pets are as follows:

  • Luau Seal (Epic) – 64%.
  • Luau Cat (Epic) – 30%.
  • Pufferfish (Legendary) – 5%.
  • Tiki Dominus (Mythical) – 0.99%
  • Huge Luau Cat (Exclusive) – 0.67%.

All of the pets in this egg can be acquired from other eggs except for the Huge Luau Cat. This makes the egg very useful for players trying to get a huge, especially given its fairly high chance of hatching (compared to other Huge Pets in the game).

Did you hatch the Tiki Egg or sell it? Let me know in the comments below.



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