Pet Simulator 99 Glitch Event Details

The Glitch Machine sitting in the Tech World Spawn in Pet Simulator 99.

Earlier today Pet Simulator 99 released a new update called Update 9: Glitched Update!. This new update features a bunch of new additions to the popular Roblox experience, including a 2 week long Glitch Event. This event features limited time pets and items for players to collect. To learn more about the Pet Simulator 99 Glitch Event, see our guide below.

What is the Glitch Event

The Glitch Event in Pet Simulator 99 spans two weeks, ending on May 11th. During this event, players can earn 5 rarities of Glitch Cores. These cores can be combined using the Glitch Machine to craft Glitch Gifts. These unique gifts contain the chance of earning the HUGE 404 Demon, a Glitched Hoverboard, and Glitched Drive consumables.

How to Earn Glitch Cores

The Global Event menu showing the Glitch Event details in Pet Simulator 99.
The Global Event menu showing the Glitch Event core rewards and quests.

To craft Glitch Gifts, you must first obtain Glitch Cores. These items can be earned through various methods:

  1. Complete Quests: Special quests are available under the Global Events tab during the Glitch Event.
  2. Item Drops: Glitch Cores may drop from breakables or other sources like Key Chests and the Treasure Hideout.
  3. Trading Plaza: Purchase Glitch Cores with diamonds from other players.
  4. Trade with Players: Get Glitch Cores by trading with other players.

The free-to-play method involves completing Event Quests and relying on lucky item drops. Alternatively, you can opt for a quicker but more expensive approach by buying or trading for Glitch Cores from other players.

How to Turn Glitch Cores into Glitch Gifts

The Glitch Machine menu in Pet Simulator 99.
To change your Glitch Cores use the Glitch Machine!

To create a Glitch Gift, you must insert Glitch Cores into the Glitch Machine found in the Spawns of World 1 and World 2, or the Trading Plaza. Making a gift involves inputting Glitch Cores worth 500 points. The rarity of Glitch Cores determines their point value.

  • Basic Glitch Core (gray) – 1 point
  • Rare Glitch Core (green) – 5 points
  • Epic Glitch Core (aqua) – 20 points
  • Legendary Glitch Core (orange) – 100 points
  • Mythical Glitch Core (red) – 500 points

When you’ve collected enough Glitch Cores, head to the Glitch Machine located in World 1+2 Spawns or the Trading Plaza. Stand in the circle near the machine to open its menu. Choose the cores you want to contribute to reach 500 points, then press “Ok” to get your Glitch Gift.

Glitch Gift Rewards

The Glitch Gift bag operates similarly to other gift bags in the game. When players open it, they have a chance to receive a range of rewards of different rarities. What you get is entirely based on luck. Here are the best items you can win from the gift and the chances of winning them:

  • HUGE 404 Demon (??)
  • Charms (??)
  • Charm Chisel (??)
  • Ultimate’s (??)
  • Tap Blast (??)
  • Glitch Hoverboard (0.11%)
  • Glitched Drive (1.9%)
  • Various tiers of potions, enchants, and consumables

The items highlighted in bold are event exclusive, meaning you can only get them from the Glitch Gift or by purchasing/trading. It’s crucial to collect as many gifts as possible while the event is active, as they’ll become rarer once it ends.

How has the Pet Simulator 99 Glitch event been going for you? What are you doing to make the most of it? Let me know in the comments below.



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