Pet Simulator 99 Glitch Cores Explained

The Global Event menu showing the Glitch Event details in Pet Simulator 99.

Pet Simulator 99 Glitch Cores are a special items that players can earn during the Glitch Event. This item can be used to create the limited-time Glitch Gifts using the Glitch Machine. This gift contains a variety of interesting rewards including some limited-time items like the HUGE 404 Demon, a Glitched Hoverboard, and Glitched Drive consumables. The guide below details everything you need to know about Glitch Cores.

How to Get Glitch Cores

Glitch Cores can be acquired using a couple of methods. These methods are what I refer to as free-to-play and paid. To get Glitch Cores you can do the following in-game:

  1. Complete Quests: Special quests are available under the Global Events tab during the Glitch Event.
  2. Item Drops: Glitch Cores may drop from breakables or other sources like Key Chests and the Treasure Hideout.
  3. Trading Plaza: Purchase Glitch Cores with diamonds from other players.
  4. Trade with Players: Get Glitch Cores by trading with other players.

The free-to-play method involves completing Event Quests and relying on lucky item drops. Alternatively, you can opt for a quicker but more expensive approach by buying or trading for Glitch Cores from other players.

What to Do with Glitch Cores

The Glitch Machine menu in Pet Simulator 99.
To change your Glitch Cores use the Glitch Machine!

To create a Glitch Gift, insert Glitch Cores into the Glitch Machine at World 1 and World 2 Spawns or the Trading Plaza. You need to input cores worth 500 points. The rarity of Glitch Cores determines their point value:

  • Basic Glitch Core (gray): 1 point
  • Rare Glitch Core (green): 5 points
  • Epic Glitch Core (aqua): 20 points
  • Legendary Glitch Core (orange): 100 points
  • Mythical Glitch Core (red): 500 points

Once you’ve gathered enough Glitch Cores, visit the Glitch Machine in World 1+2 Spawns or the Trading Plaza. Stand in the circle by the machine to open its menu. Choose the cores you want to contribute to reach 500 points, then press “Ok” to get your Glitch Gift.

When you receive a Glitch Gift, you have the option to open it for a chance to earn various rewards, or to save or sell it. Saving allows you to open it later, while selling provides an opportunity to earn Diamonds.

If you prefer not to use Glitch Cores at the Glitch Computer, you can sell them to other players in the Trading Plaza, offering a way to earn extra Diamonds. You can also use them in trades as well.

How have you been earning Pet Simulator 99 Glitch Cores? Let me know in the comments below.



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