Outlaws from the West Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2

When you start Red Dead Redemption 2, Dutch and the gang are stranded in the mountains, on the run from the law. Since the climate of the mountains is harsh, it is necessary for the group to find supplies. You, Dutch and Micah head out to find supplies to help the group. To complete this mission, check out our Outlaws from the West guide below.

Outlaws from the West Mission Checklist (Challenges)

  • Take no damage during the shootout.
  • Loot 6 or more items from Adler Ranch.
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy.

Follow Dutch

Outlaws from the West Guide

The beginning of the mission has you following Dutch on horseback.

At the start of the mission, Outlaws from the West, you will be tasked with travelling by horse with Dutch to a nearby ranch. This sequence is fairly straightforward and simply involves following Dutch as he rides. As you ride you will learn a bit of story from Dutch and will then be joined by Micah. Micah says he’s found a homestead that looks like a good target. Follow Micah and Dutch until you reach Adler Ranch (as you ride with Micah you can speak with him by holding L2 and selecting conversation options).

Adler Ranch

Outlaws from the West Guide

When you reach Adler’s Ranch, there will be a shootout.

Challenges: Take no damage during the shootout; Complete with at least 80% accuracy.

At Adler Ranch you will be prompted to hitch your horse and proceed on foot. Dutch says he will do the talking as he doesn’t want to scare the folk, so get yourself out of sight. To do this, hide in the old shed that is located on the left. Once in position in the old shed, Dutch will talk to the people inside the ranch. Turns out they ain’t good folk, but rather are bunch of bandits. What follows is a brief exchange that will erupt into shootout. The shootout will start two ways:

  1. You start firing.
  2. You don’t start firing and Dutch does.

Regardless of how you start the shootout, you will need to clear out a number of enemies before completing the sequence. Once the shootout is over you will go into the house.

Adler House

Outlaws from the West Guide

Inside the Adler’s House, you will want to grab as many items as you can.

Challenge: Loot 6 or more items from Adler Ranch.

In the Adler house you are gonna want to grab as many items as you can from inside. Items you can grab are:

  • 3x Opened Health Cure (in Medicine Cabinet).
  • 1x Assorted Biscuits (in Kitchen).
  • 3x Canned Vegetable (in Kitchen).
  • 2x Canned Fruit (in Kitchen).
  • 1x Classic Oatcakes (by Lantern near entrance).
  • 1x Coin Purse (in chest by bed).
  • 1x Classic Oatcakes (in Loft).
  • 1x Revolver Cartridges – Regular (in Loft).

Besides the items listed above, you can view a couple of photos in the house that show the previous occupants. Once you’ve gathered up your supplies, meet Dutch outside to move the mission along. The next portion of the mission has you checking out the barn.

Adler Barn

You will find the barn located to the southeast of the Adler house. When you reach the barn doors you will be prompted to open them. When you open the doors you will be attacked and enter a fistfight with an enemy. After you beat the O’Driscoll, you will be able to interrogate him. Once you have the information you want, you can choose to spare the enemy or kill him. Either choice is fine. Pick up your gun and your hat and then grab the horse (you need to approach it and calm it down). Lead the horse out of the barn back to Dutch and Micah. When you reach them there will be a commotion in the house. Go inside to check it out. This will trigger a cutscene and the end of the mission.

Next Mission: Enter, Pursued by a Memory.

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