NBA 2K22 Puma Mania Event Guide

There is an event in NBA 2K22 called Puma Mania which rewards players with 2x, 3x, and 4x XP for wearing Puma gear while balling out. This event runs during the weekend in The City and is a good way to grind XP if you need it. To help you complete this event see our NBA 2K22 Puma Mania Event guide below.


What is Puma Mania?

Image showing the Puma Mania event screen in NBA 2K22.

Puma Mania is a limited time event players can take part in in The City. This branded apparel event tasks players with rocking specific Puma gear while taking part in games around the city. While players wear the Puma gear they are rewarded with bonus XP. The XP you earn is as follows:

  • 2x XP – Day 1.
  • 3x XP – Day 2.
  • 4x XP – Day 3.

To get the maximum amount of XP bonuses you will want to play on Monday. On Monday the XP goes up to 4x. This means you can earn some serious XP for your efforts.


Where to Get Puma Gear in The City?

To take part in Puma Mania you need to acquire some Puma gear. Items are purchased from the Puma shop in the City located in the shopping district area. At this store you want to purchase Puma gear that is either shirts or shoes to wear while playing in the City. I purchased a t-shirt and this appears to be enough to activate the +XP. Cost wise socks are the cheapest item you can get.

What Games does Puma Mania Give XP In?

Once you have a piece of Puma gear equipped the rest of the event is fairly simple. To receive the bonus XP you need to play games in the Park. Other activities like Old Gym and Rec don’t give the XP bonus. After the first game is played with Puma gear on you will get a Puma Mania logo over your player. This means the XP bonus is active. Enjoy stacking the XP.

Thoughts on our NBA 2K22 Puma Mania event guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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3 responses

  1. Ford says:

    3rd day and I’m only getting 3x. There’s less than 24hrs left in the event and I’m not getting 4x. WTF is up with that?

  2. Carl says:

    They need to make it for rec next time as well

  3. Michael Palmer says:

    2nd day and I’m still only getting 2x

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