NBA 2K22 Influence Trade Guide, How to Use

In NBA 2K22 players complete side missions to unlock special added perks. One of the special perks players can unlock is the ability to Influence Trades on their current team. This means players can target specific players to have the GM attempt to trade for. For more details see our NBA 2K22 Influence Trade guide below.

How to Unlock Influence Trade in MyCAREER

Before you can start telling your GM what to do you need to unlock the ability to Influence Trades. To do this advance through the season until you unlock the The Drama: Trade Rumors side quest. This side quest starts with a video by Kendrick Perkins. Once you’ve watched the video you will begin the steps need to request a trade. Complete all quest steps and you will unlock the Influence Trade ability among other rewards.

How to Use Influence Trade in MyCAREER

Image showing how to Influence Trades in NBA 2K22.

Using Influence Trade in MyCAREER is a fairly straightforward affair. Once the ability is unlocked you can find trade requests under MyCAREER > CAREER > Suggest Trade Targets. On the Suggest Trade Targets screen you can scroll through the different team’s in the NBA. You can then highlight players and suggest making trade attempts for them.

Like the real NBA not every trade attempt/suggestion you make will be fullfilled. Since you can only make so many suggestions a season you should be thoughtful on who you go after. If your team has nothing to offer they probably won’t land LeBron James off the Lakers. Keep this in mind.

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