NBA 2K18 Neighborhood Guide – Everything to Know

Misc Things

There are a collection of random miscellaneous things located in the Neighborhood. This segment of the guide will be devoted to those aspects. Some of the things I currently don’t understands what they do, but I will update this guide when i do.

Newspaper Stand (Main Street News)

NBA 2K18 Newspaper Stand

Where is it?: The very far end of the street with Foot Locker on it.

What is it?: The Main Street News stand is where you can purchase Skill Boosts for your MyPLAYER. Swing on by here when you are looking to get a slight edge on the court.

Note: Beside Main Street News you will find the PRO AM walk on courts. 

The Playground

NBA 2K18 The Playground

Where is it?: Follow the street past the Main Street News stand and you will reach The Playground.

What is it?: This is where you come if you want to play some pickup ball.

Juice Cart

NBA 2K18 Juice Cart

Where is it?: Located outside your Practice Facility

What is it?: Head to the Juice Cart after practicing to replenish one practice point (means you can train an extra badge a day).

Subway Stations

Where are they?: There are two fast travel points in The Neighborhood. One is located beside the Practice Facility; the other is located at The Playground.

What are they?: Allow you to fast travel between The Practice Facility and The Playground.

That wraps up our brief NBA 2K18 neighborhood guide. As you can see, the new area for NBA 2K18 features a number of activities for players to take part in. Hopefully it helps you navigate the new social area in NBA 2K18 a little bit better. Get out there and start hooping!

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46 responses

  1. RANDOMDUDE says:

    How do you upgrade your my player on the nintendo switch?

  2. Confuzzeled says:

    How do i get to the main street

  3. Will says:

    I can’t go into the neighborhood on the Nintendo switch

  4. dez says:

    i can’t even see the buy option for custom shirts

  5. Big boi says:

    Where’s Main Street news????

  6. MFPB says:

    I’m in my 3rd season an my VC sports management has been closed since my 1st season how do I fix that

  7. Slasher says:

    My neighboorhood is empty. I mean there’s no other player in streets
    Do i need ps plus?

  8. Read if ur gay says:

    How do you put on in game epuipment eg headbans, Arm Sleaves etc

  9. George Alvarez says:

    Where is the place to go fishing with Paul George i cannot find it

  10. jimmy says:

    toxic playz where do i get the alley oops tattoo shirt

  11. Rickelle Jones says:

    How come I cannot go to vc sports store it’s closed, and how do I buy vc?

    • Ear says:

      You can only go in the vc sports management when your agent texts you to come do something. When that happens you just go there and that is where your agent will talk to you. And you buy vc by pressing triangle or Y

  12. Best Bum says:

    How do I activate a contract

  13. Lindsey says:

    How do you activate a contract?

  14. CK says:

    The Newspaper Stand (Main Street News) is where you would boost for park, pro am and career.

  15. Michael says:

    How to I get to the neighborhood? I’ve created my career but it’s the same as before just a Calendar of games…help please

  16. Keith says:

    How do I play my first game

  17. sundoobie says:

    Thank you for this guide. I got dizzy running around the neighborhood trying to find mycourt to change my shirt objective. Can’t believe they didn’t include a navigation or map and just expect us to know where everything is. Mycareer mode’s neighborhood is trash in 2k18. What a waste of time running around and around. This is a basketball game yet they are pushing it to be an RPG.

  18. Shaawntell says:

    How do you get access to the recording studio

  19. Aston says:

    Where do I get the t-shirts with Gatorade or Mountain Dew on them for my endorsments?

  20. Josh says:

    what about the recording studio? where is that?

    • enricofairme says:

      The Recording Studio is located in the alley on the right of the Foot Locker. Look for a door in the alley which leads to the Recording Studio. Guide has been update!

  21. Clueless says:

    I had no idea that NBA2k has been making such a push to provide so many other things to do in the game… that and encourage microtransactions.

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