Luigi’s Mansion 3: Removed all Spiders and Webs Behind 5F Laundry Room

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On the fifth floor of the Last Resort hotel you can access a crawlspace behind the Laundry Room. Inside this crawlspace there are a number of spiders and webs. Clearing these spiders and webs nets you an achievement. To help you do this check out our removed all spiders and webs behind 5F laundry room guide below.

How to Get Behind Laundry Room?

Image showing how to get behind Laundry Room.

To start let’s reach the area behind the Laundry Room. At the Laundry Room entrance head to the window on the right. Use the Plunger to pull down the boards then go out the window.

Image showing How to Get Behind Laundry Room.

On the exterior of the building you will be on a ledge. Go along the ledge past the window looking into the Laundry Room to the very end. There is a hole here you can go inside. Go into the hole to reach the crawlspace.

How to Remove all Spiders and Webs?

To remove all Spiders and Webs you want to use your vacuum. Suck up every spider and web you see. When the crawlspace is completely empty of spiders and webs you will get the achievement. Note it can be kind of hit or miss with getting this achievement to pop up so make sure you vacuum everything up.

The Removed all Spiders and Webs Behind 5F Laundry Room is a floor specific achievement. There are a number of these for players to complete across multiple floors. Check them out here.

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