How to Unlock the Harvey 14 Heart Event in Stardew Valley

In the new 1.4 update of Stardew Valley ConcernedApe added new Heart Events to unlock with your spouses. These Heart Events take place at 14 Hearts. To help you unlock each new Heart Event I am writing a guide for each spouse. The guide below shows you how to unlock the Harvey 14 Heart Event in Stardew Valley.

How to Reach 14-Hearts with Harvey?

Image showing Harvey with 14 Hearts in Stardew Valley.

To unlock the new event you first need to reach 14 hearts with Harvey. You should already be around 10 since you’ve married him. To quickly raise the hearts with Harvey you will want to give him the any of the following favorite items until you reach 14 Hearts:

  • Coffee.
  • Pickles.
  • Super Meal.
  • Truffle Oil.
  • Wine.

Once you’ve reached 14 Hearts with Harvey you need to trigger the Heart Event. To trigger the Harvey Heart Event you want to enter your home between 8 PM – 1 AM. Upon entering the 14-Heart event will trigger.

Harvey 14-Heart Event Dinner

When you enter the house Harvey will be cooking a meal in the kitchen. There will be a brief fade to black then you and Harvey will be eating a romantic dinner in front of the fireplace. Harvey says he wanted to make you something nice since you’ve been working so hard on the farm. After Harvey tells you he made ‘angel hair pasta primavera with clams’ you can reply with on of the following:

  • “It tastes heavenly.”
  • “It tastes healthy.”
  • “It tastes watery.”
  • “It tastes burnt.”
  • “It tastes like you moustache.”
  • “It tastes like fungus.”

After this interaction Harvey will ask you to tell him about your day. You can choose from the following replies:

  • “I tended the farm.”
  • “I dug around in the caves.”
  • “I spent the day fishing.”
  • “I socialized in town.”
  • “I did a little of everything.”
  • “I can’t remember.”
  • “I didn’t do anything.

At the close of the meal Harvey tells you he will do the dishes because he likes to do things that make you happy. He then says marrying you was the best decision he ever made.

This ends the Harvey 14-Heart Event. What did you think of this Heart Event? Did you like it? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below.

Thoughts on our how to unlock the Harvey 14 Heart Event in Stardew Valley? Drop a comment in The Pit below.


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