How to Restore Radahn Great Rune in Elden Ring

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When you defeat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring you receive a number of rewards. Alongside the Runes and Remembrance you also receive Radahn’s Great Rune. This Rune lies dormant in your inventory until you restore it. Restoring this Rune allows you to unlock its powers using a Rune Arc. To help you do unlock its power use our how to restore Radahn Great Rune in Elden Ring guide below.

Where to Restore Radahn’s Great Rune

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Upon defeating Starscourge Radahn you will receive Radahn’s Great Rune. Once you get this item your first task should be to read its description. In the description you learn there is a Divine Tower of Caelid which stands upon the precipice at the Dragonbarrow’s shore. This is where we want to go (shown on map above).

Reach the Top of the Divine Tower of Caelid

The simplest method of reaching the tower is to go to either the Isolated Merhant’s Shack or Dragonbarrow West Sites of Grace in the north side of Caelid. From these locations the tower is a quick horse ride northeast/east.

Once you reach the tower the next step is to climb up it. Unlike Godrick’s tower you need to complete a platforming sequence on the outside of the tower. To start jump on the root on the southwest side of the tower. To the left of the root is an enemy standing on a platform. Jump to this platform.

Climb the ladder on this platform up the tower. On the upper platform you will see and archway. Walk along this archway to the platform on the other side. Do this on the next archway to reach a platform with a ladder going up. Climb this ladder to reach the Divine Tower of Caelid: Center Site of Grace.

Head west from the Site of Grace up the stairs. You will reach a door. Open the door to enter the elevator room. Ride the elevator up to the top of the tower. At the top of the elevator head out the door to the north. Turn right and go up the stairs until you reach the top of the tower. Approach the glowing orb and interact with it to restore Radahn’s Great Rune.

Once you’ve restored the Great Rune you are free to use it. To do this sit at a Site of Grace. Interact with the Great Runes option. You can equip Radahn’s Great Rune to raise Max HP, FP and Stamina. To trigger the effect of the Great Rune you then need to use a Rune Arc item. Each time you die you have to repeat the Rune Arc step.

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