How to Get to Jarburg in Elden Ring

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There are a ton of interesting places for players to visit in Elden Ring. Many of these locations are out in the open while some are more hidden. One of the more hidden locations is Jarburg. This location, as the name suggests, was once a village for living jars. If you want to visit it see our how to get to Jarburg in Elden Ring guide below.

Where is Jarburg

Jarburg can be found in the Liurnia region. Make your way to the eastside of the region to the Cairn Study Hall tower. Head to the south of the tower and look down along the eastern cliffs there (shown on map above). You will see some platforms sticking out of the cliff. Use these platforms to traverse your way down the side of the cliff to the ground below.

At the bottom of the ledges you will reach the location called Jarburg. Jarburg is an interesting location as it is full of items and living jar enemies that aren’t aggressive unless you get very close to them. Besides the items there is also a questline to complete.

If you did the Alexander questline you will learn that he once lived here. You also want to advance through Diallos’ questline as well. When Diallos leaves the Volcano Manor he comes to Jarburg where players can complete his quest with the help of the Jar Bairn NPC.

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