How to Get the Shura Ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

How to Get the Shura Ending

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice features a total of four endings for players to unlock. Each ending is a bit different and ends the story on a different note. One ending you can unlock is the Shura ending. Below I will show you how to get the Shura ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Spoilers below.

Note: If you wish to get all endings in a single playthrough, back up you save to an external source before speaking with OWL. Once you’ve completed the Shura ending, simply reload that save to do the other path.

Trigger: Speaking with Owl on Top of Ashina Castle

Image showing Sekiro obeying the Iron Code in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Playthrough the story up to the moment you’ve collected the Lotus of the Palace (guarded by the Guardian Monkey). Once you have this item you will notice that Ashina Castle is no longer accessible. You will need to access Ashina Castle via the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance idol. Once you reach the top of the tower (where you fought Genichiro) a cutscene will trigger featuring OWL and Kuro. At this point you will need to decide which ending you are going for as OWL presents you with a couple of options:

  • Obey the Iron Code, forsake Kuro (Shura Ending).
  • Break the Iron Code, stay loyal to Kuro (Immortal Severance ending, Purification ending, Return ending).

If you select Obey the Iron Code, forsake Kuro, you will unlock two boss fights that are only accessible in the Shura ending. The bosses are Emma and Isshin Ashina. Upon defeating both Emma and Isshin you will unlock the Shura ending which grants you the achievement of Shura and Isshin Ashina.

That’s all there is to unlocking the Shura ending. Just betray your master and everyone else you heartless animal.

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