How to Get the Extradimensional Suit in Control

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In the Control AWE DLC there are two arcade cabinets in the Active Investigations area players can use to replay boss fights, compete in hoard mode, and run timed combat sequences. Completing these game modes allow players to earn mods and a special outfit. Continue reading below to learn how to get the Extradimensional suit in Control.

Complete All Activities on Shum and Shum 2

Image showing the Shum and Shum 2 arcade cabinets in Control AWE DLC.

Important: There appears to be a bug in how players get the suit. According to the Reddit FAQ by 505 Games you should be able to get the suit by simply completing Deadline or Crowd Control on challenging. This was not my experience at all. Beating both of these modes on challenging did not yield me the suit.

To unlock the Extradimensional Suit you need to complete all activities on the Shum 1 and 2 cabinets. These arcade cabinets are located in the elevator room in Active Investigations where you first met in Hartford the main story. By interacting with the cabinets you can play the following:


  • Crowd Control.
  • Crowd Control (Challenge).
  • Deadline.
  • Deadline (Challenge).

Shum 2

  • Former.
  • The Anchor.
  • Mold-1.
  • esseJ.
  • Feedback Loop.
  • Ashtray Maze.

To get the suit complete all activities on the list above. While the list may appear daunting I have some very good news for you. As of right now the challenges can be completed using Assist Mode. This means you can turn on things like Immortality and One-Hit Kills via the options menu to make these a cake walk.

One thing to try which I didn’t get a chance to is to simply complete the Ashtray Maze. This may yield you the suit without having to do the other activities. I have been unable to test this so drop a comment down below if this worked for you.

Extradimensional Suit in Control

Image showing the Extradimensional Suit in Control.

Once you do unlock the suit head back to the Central Executive Control Point and switch Outfits there. This new outfit can be seen above. As you can see it makes Jess appear more futuristic looking than she normally does. While the outfit is nice I was hoping to get an Alan Wake inspired hoodie/overcoat combo instead.

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6 responses

  1. Quin says:

    I cant get the
    The Anchor.
    Feedback Loop.
    I only get the other ones, any help?

  2. Vyras says:

    completing EVERY shum didn’t even yield the suit for me…………….

  3. Zeke4544 says:

    Simply hex-edit the exe for the game per this Steam thread:

    The top-level post has the solution. Unlocked every known outfit for me, something like eight of them or thereabouts.

  4. Matthew says:

    Just completed Astray Maze, and no suit. Guess I have to do all the Shum. 🙁

  5. Christian says:

    Completing just the Ashtray Maze didn’t yield the suit. Good tip on the Assist Mode!

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