How to Get the Battle Rifle in GTA Online

The GTA Online Battle Rifle in the Armory.

Rockstar Games released a new update today called the Chop Shop update. This update contains the addition of a new business, new cars, and a new weapon. The Battle Rifle is now available for players looking to add a new gun to their arsenal. To help you purchase this gun use our how to get the Battle Rifle in GTA Online guide below.

Option 1: Buy it When it is at the Gun Van

The first method to acquire the Battle Rifle is to purchase it from the Gun Van when available. The Gun Van is a daily location-changing merchant that offers a selection of weapons weekly at a discount. Note that the Battle Rifle may not always be available, as the Gun Van’s inventory rotates weekly.

To easily find the Gun Van check out our Gun Van location and inventory page. This page updates each day with the new location and each week with the new inventory.

Option 2: Buy it from the Armory

The second method to acquire the Battle Rifle is through purchasing it from an Armory in a property you own. If you own an Agency with an Armory, visit and speak to the Requisition Officer and order it from under the Rifles option. This gives you a bit of a discount as well, but not as much as the Gun Van does.

Once you’ve purchased the Battle Rifle you are free to deck it out with improvements. These improvements include adding an Extended Clip and a Suppressor. You can also change the look of it by adding a special tint to the weapon.

Both of these methods are the only current way to acquire the Battle Rifle in GTA Online. This doesn’t mean the methods wont change in the future. Previous guns that have been released in this fashion have also sometimes appeared in amm-u-nation as an easier way to get them.

Alongside the addition of this new weapon is also the inclusion of Cop Cars for purchase. These new vehicles can be bought and added to your collection. Our guide walks you through how to get Cop Cars for yourself.

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