How to Get Cop Cars in GTA Online

Cop Cars for sale in GTA Online.

The long-awaited cop cars are now available for players to officially own in GTA Online. While these cars have always existed in the game, players previously had to steal them. However, with the release of “The Chop Shop” DLC update on December 12, 2023, players can now officially own these vehicles and use them whenever they like. To learn how to get cop cars in GTA Online for yourself, see our guide below.

How to Unlock all Three Cop Cars for Purchase in GTA Online

Purchasing the Cop Cars to own in GTA Online works a bit different than other vehicles. Before you can buy any of the three cars you first need to unlock them from Warstock Cache and Carry. The unlock requirements for each police vehicle are:

  • Unmarked Police Car: Survive a 3-star Wanted Level or above for 5 minute
  • Stanier LE Cruiser: Scope out Mission Row as part of Gangbanger Robbery
  • Police Riot: Lose a 4- or 5-star Wanted Level, naturally

When you complete any of the tasks listed above you will receive a Rockst Games notice saying a new vehicle is unlocked. If you are unsure if you’ve unlocked any of the vehicles, simply visit their store page and hover over the Buy It Now button to see if you can purchase it.

How Much Do the Cop Cars Cost in GTA Online

While the addition of the cop cars is a nice bonus for players they are very expensive to buy. You will need millions of dollars to purchase all three vehicles for you collection. You can either buy them at the Buy It Now price or do additional work to unlock the cheaper Trade Price. The prices for the Cop Cars are:

Unmarked Cruiser Prices

  • Buy It Now: $3,950,000
  • Trade Price: $2,962,500 – Unlocked by completing The Gangbanger Robbery as leader

Stanier LE Cruiser

  • Buy It Now: $4,690,000
  • Trade Price: $3,517,500 – Find and collect 1 piece of evidence from a Crime Scene

Police Riot

  • Buy It Now: $4,80,000
  • Trade Price: $3,600,000 – Complete Tactical Gear during The Gangbanger Robbery as leader

When you do purchase one of the cars you will be prompted to add it to one of your garages. Upon doing that it will be delivered and you can either pick it up or have your mechanic deliver it.

Cop Cars can only be modified at properties you own that have auto shops in them. They can be fitted out with the standard equipment like resprays, liveries, new tires, and so on.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to the Police Riot Truck. This vehicle cannot be stored in your garage and cannot be customized. Instead it works like other Pegassus vehicles that you call in when needed.

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