How to Get Tech Head Hat in Roblox From Prime Gaming

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Roblox has teamed up with Amazon owned Twitch to offer special items to players of the popular title. These items are available to anyone that has a valid valid Prime Gaming membership and a Roblox account. One item that is available as part of the membership is the Tech Head Hat. To learn how to get Tech Head Hat in Roblox From Prime Gaming see our guide below.

Tech Head Hat Prime Gaming Reward

Push the claim button to claim this Roblox item.

To get this special hat to equip on your character you will need to ensure you have a few things. First is a Roblox account and second is an active Prime Gaming membership. Once you check both of these boxes make your way to the Prime Gaming Loot page. On this page look for the Roblox box featuring the Tech Hat. In this box there is a Claim button. Push the Claim button to be go to the Roblox items page. This page shows you the upcoming items Prime Gaming will be offering. Click and Claim the Tech Head Hat then follow these steps:

1. Launch Roblox and equip the Tech Hat in accessories.

2. Launch the Arsenal Game inside Roblox.

3 .Click on the Prime Gaming pop-up on the Arsenal home screen.

4. Clicks “Redeem Item” to claim the Arsenal Tech-Head Character Skin.

4. Equip the skin and enjoy!

Follow the steps above to get the Tech Head and special Arsenal Tech character skin. When the items are unlocked you can equip them on your characters as you see fit. The skin and hat combo is part of a large group of hats and skins to release through Prime Gaming. Check back later as we will be covering the various other Robox items being given away on Prime Gaming.

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