How to Get Shotgun in Chernobylite

In Chernobylite weapons play a very important role in your ability to defeat enemies. While you start out with a simple Revolver you can find a number of weapons that are more powerful and useful. One weapon that is both is the Shotgun. This weapon packs a serious punch and can be useful to take out enemies with. For more details here’s our how to get shotgun in Chernobylite guide.

How to Craft a Shotgun

Image showing the crafting recipe for Shotgun in Chernobylite.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

There are a few ways to get the Shotgun in Chernobylite, but the easiest has to be crafting one. To do this you need to create an Electric Lathe Crafting Station. This table can be made and placed in The Refuge or out in the field. To make this station you need the following resources:

  • Mechanical Parts x2.
  • Electronical Parts x2.
  • Chemicals x2.

Once the Electric Lathe is made and placed you can interact with it to create you weapons. The Shotgun weapon can be produced with 2x Flammable Parts, 2x Mechanical Pars, and 4x Chemicals. When you make a Shotgun it is added to your inventory. You can pretty much make as many Shotguns as you’d like to use our give to your Companions.

An alternative method is to find the Shotgun out on missions. This process is a bit more involved and far less convenient than simply crafting them whenever you want.

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