How to Get a Michael Jordan Card for your MyTEAM in NBA 2K19

When you logged into your MyPLAYER today, you may have noticed an interesting announcement. 2K is giving away a “This Day in History” Jordan card for your MyTEAM. All you need to do is claim it using the code provided. To help you grab the card for yourself, check out our quick how to get a Michael Jordan card for your MyTEAM guide below. Note: There is a chance to get a Michael Jordan card (since the code makes you play a minigame).

Get the Michael Jordan Card Code

Michael Jordan Card Code MyTEAM NBA 2K19

For a limited time you can unlock this Michael Jordan card for your MyTEAM.

If you login to your MyPLAYER, you are greeted with a screen showing the various day’s events, daily bonus, and limited time items. One of the limited time items you will see is a “This Day in History” Michael Jordan card with an 89 rating. Above the card is a code. The code is: JORDN-8KR78-CX6YD-WMWB7-2HQ9V. This code needs to be inputted into your MyTEAM Locker Codes.

Update: There is another code you can input for a second chance at the Ruby Michael Jordan card for you MyTEAM. The code for the second chance is: JORDN-MGUQK-VVQL2-BM6VE-WWDVC. Like the code above, you need to input this code into the MyTEAM Locker Codes section.

Input Michael Jordan Card Code(s) into MyTeam Locker Codes

Now that we have the limited time Locker Codes, let’s make our way to our MyTEAM. To do this, simply return to the main menu and select the MyTEAM tab. Once MyTEAM is loaded, make your way to Settings tab and you should see Locker Codes tile. Select the tile and input the code above. Once the code is inputted, you will be prompted to play a minigame similar to Plinko. Basically you drop a ball and see where it lands. Wherever the ball lands is the prize you win (I won a meager 300 MyTEAM points). Keep in mind that these codes are one time use only, so try to make the minigame count.

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