How to Fast Travel in The Division 2

The world of The Division 2 is quite large and takes a lot of time to traverse. As you double back on areas you will find the need to fast travel. This guide will show you how to fast travel in The Division 2.

Fast Travelling in The Division 2

How to Fast Travel in The Division 2
You can fast travel via the map.

There are a number of locations you can fast travel to in The Division 2. These locations are as follows:

  • Base of Operations – The White House.
  • Completed Mission – Any missions you’ve beaten (they will be grey on the map) can be fast travelled to.
  • Control Points you’ve conquered.
  • Settlements you have unlocked.

To fast travel all you need to do is bring up your map. On the map highlight the place you wish to fast travel to and press the fast travel button. When you initiate fast travelling you will see a brief load screen which makes it seem like you character is walking to the destination you’ve selected.

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