How to Exit the Supermarket in The Last of Us 2

The first major openish area you get to explore in The Last of Us Part II takes place during the Patrol section of the Jackson chapter. This section tasks Ellie and Dina with patrolling a large area for any unwanted infected. While out patrolling the duo arrives at an old Supermarket. While getting into the Supermarket is fairly straightforward, leaving it is a bit more convoluted. To help you leave here’s our how to exit the Supermarket in The Last of Us Part II guide.

How To Leave the Supermarket in The Last of Us Part II

Image showing where to find the Cable in the Supermarket.

Once you’ve cleared the Supermarket of infected head over to the rolling shutters on the far wall and attempt to open them. At this attempt you will trigger an interaction between Ellie and Dina that jokingly lays out a plan to escape. While a joke this plan is actually close to what we are going to do.

Image showing how to leave the Supermarket in The Last of Us Part II.

From the rolling shutters head to the right and walk over to the Air Conditioner unit that is laying on the ground. Grab the cord sticking out from it so you get some cable. Once you have the Cable you will be able to aim and throw it over the vents in the roof above. This creates a way for you to climb up to the roof above. When you are on the roof follow Dina to return to the horses at the front of the store.

Once you leave the Supermarket you will head to the next lookout with Dina. This will advance the story of this level allowing you to get closer to completing it.

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