How to Craft TMs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The new Pokemon titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, contain a number of new additions to the Pokemon formula. When of these new additions is the ability to craft TMs using special machines. To learn more about this new system see our how to craft TMs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide below.

Where to Craft TMs?

Image showing a TM crafting machine in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
A TM crafting machine.

To craft TMs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet you need to use new Technical Machine Machine scattered around the world. These machines are located in certain buildings such as Pokemon Centers. The machines have a green cylinder design (pictured above). When you encounter one of these machines interact with it to use its services.

How to Craft TMs?

Upon interacting with a Technical Machine Machine you will be presented with two options: I want a TM made, and I want to exchange materials for LP. These two options take you to different screens where different services are provided. I provide a deeper description of both service below.

  • I want a TM made: The first option is the actual TM making procedure. When you select this service you will go to the screen pictured above. This screen shows a list of the TMs you currently have available. Not every TM will be craftable for you since they require specific materials to create. These materials are LP (League Points) and Pokemon Material drops.
  • I want to exchange materials for LP: The second option is a way to acquire LP. Pokemon materials that you collect can be traded in on this screen. The rarer the material, the more LP you receive from turning it in. With that said, since materials are used in crafting TMs, the rare ones may not be worth trading in, but keeping for crafting instead.

As you advance through the game you will find more TM recipes and new Pokemon materials. This allows you to create stronger TMs and more TMs to use across the different Pokemon in your collection.

An important aspect to keep in mind with TMs is their single-use nature. These items can be used one time on a single Pokemon, allowing them to learn whatever move is held on them. Be sure you know exactly which Pokemon you want to spend your TMs on before using them!

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