How to Change Skin in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a new entry into the Borderlands series that features some new and returning gameplay mechanics. One of the newer mechanics is how you can customize your character. Instead of slapping on a simple skin you can now customize different aspects of how your character looks. To learn more see HTR’s how to change skin in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands guide below.

Unlock the Quick Change Machine

Quick change machine.

To change your characters appearance you need to advance through the main story a bit. First off you need to complete the third level called Shattergrave Barrow. At the end of this level you fight the Zomboss which drops a sword the Butt Stallion needs. Once you have the sword you unlock Brighthoof as the hub city.

Once Brighthoof is unlocked as a hub the main storyline forces you to go there. You then take a tour of the city where you learn about its different services. One of these services is located in Izzy’s Fizzies. Inside this building there is a Quick Change machine you can use to change the following on your character:

The one we want to change the look and skins is Character. When you open this tab you are presented with a number of choices you can make to make your character as you like:

  • Body and Personality.
  • Facial Features.
  • Face Decoration.
  • Armor Decoration.
  • Presets – Character Presets (already made).
  • Slider Overdrive.

If you want to make things simpler I recommend using presets. These are pre-made characters that Gearbox has already made. If you got the Butt Stallion pre-made character bonus you will find it here.

Otherwise you are free to explore each of the individual options listed above. Compared to the previous games there are a ton of options you can tweak including making your character look completely different whenever you wish.

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