How to Customize Banner and Hero Statue in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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Banner and Hero Statue are new customization items players can customize in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. These items allow you to add further identity into the game through their customization options. To learn how to customize Banner and Hero Statue in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands see our guide below.

Unlock the Quick Change Machine

To change your character’s emotes you need to advance through the main story a bit. First off you need to complete the third level called Shattergrave Barrow. At the end of this level you fight the Zomboss which drops a sword the Butt Stallion needs. Once you have the sword you unlock Brighthoof as the hub city.

Once Brighthoof is unlocked as a hub the main storyline forces you to go there. You then take a tour of the city where you learn about its different services. One of these services is located in Izzy’s Fizzies. Inside this building there is a Quick Change machine you can use to change the following on your character:

Within each of theses selections is a variety of things you can tweak. To change the Banner and Hero Statue select their tabs. You will go to screens dedicated to customization options for both:

Banner Customization Options

  • Shape.
  • Shape Color.
  • Pattern.
  • Pattern Color.
  • Icon.
  • Icon Color.
  • Presets.

Hero Statue Customization Options

  • Material.
  • Pose.

As you playthrough the game you will unlock more customization options for both the Banner and the Hero Statue. Be sure to visit the Quick Change machine when you’ve unlocked new items to see what they are and what they do for your Banner or Hero Statue.

Both the Banner and the Hero Statue can be seen around Brighthoof. When you change them up you will see the changes reflected in the hub. This allows you to make the hub look more unique.

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