How to Change Dunks and Layups in NBA 2K21

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In NBA 2K21 your MyPLAYER has a number of customization options you can change to give them more of an identity on and off the court. Some of these customization options range from the useful (shooting animation), to the more fun in nature (emotes). One customization options you can make that impacts your play style is changing your MyPLAYER’s Dunks and Layups. Below you will find how to change Dunks and Layups in NBA 2K21.

Access The MyPLAYER Animations Menu

Image showing the My Animations option in NBA 2K21.

To access your animations, start by opening the MyPLAYER Appearance tab in the options screen. Next, choose the My Animations menu on the navigation screen. This selection will lead you to a new screen with a wide array of animation options that you can customize.

Change Your Dunks and Layups on the My Animations Screen

Please note that when you attempt to modify your Dunks and Layups initially, your inventory will be empty. To customize your Dunks and Layups, you must purchase them from the Animations Store. The store is located to the right of the My Animations tab on the MyPLAYER screen.

On the My Animations screen, you’ll find various options. Dunks and Layups are the third or fourth choice on the screen, which is what we want to adjust. You can modify both your NBA-assigned Dunks and Layups as well as your Park Dunks and Layups. To make these changes, select the category you wish to modify and assign a new move. Once you’ve applied the new moves, you can use them in NBA games and the Park.

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