How to Change Affiliation in NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23 MyCareer mode players enter The City and are randomly placed into different affiliations. These affiliations are clubs the player belongs to. While many players are fine being in the randomly assigned club, some are not. Thankfully, for the players not happy with their crew, there is a way to change it. To learn how to change affiliation in NBA 2K23 see our guide below.

How to Transfer to a different Affiliation

At the start of each season, for the first week, players can freely switch the affiliations they are attached to. This process is fairly simple. All you need to do is visit any one of the affiliate bases you are not a part of. Inside of each these bases there is a sign that says “Transfer Here” (as shown in the screenshot above). Approach this sign and interact with it to pull up the Affiliation Transfer Request screen. On the Affiliation Transfer Request screen you are then able to select to transfer to any of the three available affiliations. Choose the one you want to join and you will join it.

For the first week of the season you are able to freely transfer between the different affiliations. Once the week is over you ware no longer able to transfer without penalty. Be sure you pick the crew you want to be on before that date.

The affiliation you select plays into your role during the Seasonal Event called the City Championship. During this event the affiliations square off in a competitive setting where they attempt to earn points to win prizes.

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