How to Banish 10 or More Weapons in a Single Run Vampire Survivors

Update 1.1.0 of Vampire Survivors features the addition of a new unlockable PowerUp called Seal. To unlock Seal you need to Banish 10 or more weapon in a single run. To help you do this here’s a quick guide showing how to Banish 10 or more weapons in a single run Vampire Survivors.

Banish 10 or More Weapons in a Single Run

Banishing a weapon in Vampire Survivors.
To win this challenge you must Banish 10 or more weapons in a run.

The challenge for this unlock is fairly simple. All you need to do is banish 10 or more weapons in a single run. Doing this is surprisingly simple, but there are a couple of methods for you to choose from. I list both for you below.

METHOD 1: The first method is having maxed out the Banish PowerUp. This ensure you have at least 10 Banishes at your disposal on any character in the game. This makes the banishing doable on any character.

METHOD 2: The second method is to use Queen Sigma. Queen Sigma is a special character you can unlock. This character starts with a whopping 108 Banishes. Making it super easy to Banish items until you reach the 10 mark.

Once you’ve decide on your method, the actual challenge is super simple. From the start of the run simply Banish every weapon that appears on the Level Up! screen until you’ve reached 10 Banished. Once you’ve hit the 10 mark complete your run or quit and exit to unlock Seal. This video shows the entire process.

What Does the PowerUp Seal Do?

Seal PowerUp in Vampire Survivors.
You unlock the Seal PowerUp for completing this challenge.

Upon unlocking the Seal PowerUp you will find it on the PowerUp selection screen. Here you can spend Gold on upgrading it. There are ten slots that give you ten items you can Seal away on the Collection screen. This means you can permanently Banish items you never want to see appear during a run. It is a fairly handy PowerUp if you like to build your runs a certain way each time you play the game.

This is just one of the new additions that was added in the Vampire Survivors 1.1.0 update. Alongside this new PowerUp there is also a new stage you can unlock and a new character called Scorej Oni.

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