Hop the Hoop Achievement Guide for Destroy All Humans (2020)

In Destroy All Humans (2020) there are 40 achievements for players to unlock as they play-through the game. These achievements are split between two types which are missable and non-missable. One of the missable achievements you can unlock tasks you with jet packing through a specific donut shaped sign in one of the levels. To help you find and complete this task use our Hop the Hoop achievement guide below.

Where to Complete the Hop the Hoop Achievement

Image showing where to complete the Hop the Hoop Achievement in Destroy All Humans.

To complete this location based achievement you will need to head to the Santa Modesta level which is the third level you unlock during the main story. After you have this level unlocked spawn into the level and go to the radio tower in the center of the map. Along the main road leading to the north out of this location you should see a church and Tasty Pete’s Donut Shop. On top of the donut shop there is a giant round donut sign over the entrance. Walk over to the shop then use your jet pack to fly up and through the donut’s center hole. When you pass through the hole and land on the other side you will unlock this location based achievement.

The Hop the Hoop achievement is one of two special location based achievements you can unlock on the Santa Modest level. The other achievement is called Do Feed the Sharks. For help on how to feed the sharks use our guide here. For help on 100% the achievements in Destroy All Humans (2020) use our guide here.

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