Honkai Star Rail Street Pen Pal

Gather clues about the Garbage King.

Street Pen Pal is a daily mission that players can complete in Honkai Star Rail. This daily mission tasks you with talking to Amo an NPC named Amo who sends you on various quests. To help you complete daily mission see our complete Honkai Star Rail Street Pen Pal guide below.

How to Start Street Pen Pal

Location of Amo in Honkai Star Rail.

When the Street Pen Pal mission is available you will need to go to the planet of Jarilo-VI. On this planet make your way to the Administrative District and use the Goethe Hotel Space Anchor. From the Space Anchor head west to the NPC that is standing next to the Vending Machine. This is Amo. Speak to him to begin the daily mission.

Gather Clues about the Garbage King

After you’ve spoken to Amo you will get a new objective to gather clues about the Garbage King. This marks a new location on your map which is just northwest of where you met Amo. Go to this location and sift through it to look for the Garbage King.

Upon looking through the first garbage can a new one will be marked on your map. Go over to it and sift through it. This will mark a third and final garbage can on your map. Go to the third and final garbage and thrift through it can to get the clues needed for Amo.

Talk to Amo

Head back to Amo at his spot outside the Goethe Hotel. Speak to Amo and he will mention to you about the clues you found regarding the Garbage King. He will thank you for helping him and the quest will end.

For completing this daily mission you receive 5000x Credits. Additionally you receive 200+ Daily Training Activity XP that goes towards Daily Training.

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