Honkai Star Rail Rock Paper Scissors Quest Guide

Honkai Star Rail Mysterious Kid.

As you advance through the main story of Honkai Star Rail you will venture underground to an area called Boulder Town. This location is home to a number of side quests that players can complete including one called The Dark Fist Tournament. To help you complete this special rock, paper, scissors mission see our complete Honkai Star Rail Rock Paper Scissors guide below.

Where to Start The Dark Fist Tournament Hidden Quest

Honkai Star Rail The Dark Fist Tournament Letter location.
Inspect the crate opposite Dr. Dig to find the invitation.

To star The Dark Fist Tournament in Honkai Star Rail make you need to find a special quest item called The Dark Fist Tournament Invitation Letter. This item is located in the Boulder Town Fight Club building. Make your way to this area and look on the crate directly opposite Dr. Dig. On the crate you will find the letter waiting for you. Pick it up to add it to your inventory.

What to Do With the Dark Fist Tournament Invitation Letter

After you get the invitation leave the Fight Club building. On the outside hang a left at the bottom of the stairs to find a Mysterious Kid waiting for you. Speak to the Mysterious Kid and show him The Dark Fist Tournament Invitation Letter. The kid will lead you to a new location where you encounter a group of four kids.

How to Win Rock Paper Scissors

In the new location you meet the Formidable Four. This group of children challenge you to Rock Paper Scissors battles. To complete this part you need to beat least two of the three Formidable Foes. While it appears like you can lose this portion of the side quest, you can’t. Regardless of what you do you will beat kids One and Three and lose to kid Two.

After you’ve defeated the kids you will get a reward for your efforts. First you will unlock the For Ages 12 and Up achievement. Second you will receive a Recipe for the Wrathful Gauntlets and Shield x20.

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