Hollow Knight Mr Mushroom Locations

Mr Mushroom (Mister Mushroom) is a secret NPC in Hollow Knight who gives you a sort of side quest which unlocks a new ending to the game. There is also an achievement tied to completing this quest called “Passing of the age”. After reading a tablet inscription, the quest triggers and you must find him across various maps. To talk to Mr Mushroom be sure to wear the Spore Shroom Charm. Below is all the Hollow Knight Mr Mushroom locations:

Locations (Need to be done in order)

1. Kingdom’s Edge
2. Fungal Wastes
3. Kingdom’s Edge
4. Deepnest
5. Howling Cliffs
6. Ancient Basin
7. Fog Canyon
8. King’s Pass

For exact locations check the video below:

Questions regarding the Hollow Knight Mr Mushroom locations? Let me know in the Pit below.


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5 responses

  1. David says:

    Did everything and still didn’t get the achievement! Wth

  2. a Pringles can says:

    btw you also need to kill all three dreamers for him to show up

  3. Rafael says:

    Spoke to the tablet, and gone to Fungal wastes, but he is not there… Any chance I missed it somehow? Or I still have to do something before he appears?

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