Hollow Knight Item List

Vessel Fragments (9)

Collecting 3 Vessel Fragments increases the max amount of Soul the player is able to carry.

#1 Purchased from Sly for 550 Geo. (Dirtmouth)

#2 Purchased from Sly for 900 Geo (Give Store key – find in Crystal Cave)

#3 Greenpath – found in Stone Sanctuary.

#4 To the left of the elevator that connects Forgotten Crossroads to City of Tears.

#5 King’s Station – Above King’s Station by the Elevator

#6 Deepnest – Room above working Tram.

#7 Stag Nest – End of the nest.

#8 Seer at Resting Grounds  – 600 essence.

#9 Ancient Basin – Donate 3000 to Geo fountain.


On the next page of his Hollow Knight item list you will find Charm Notches.


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9 responses

  1. Spectralstriker says:

    You forgot the lantern

  2. chocodoggo says:

    btw the fully charged dream nail is at 1800 not 1300, I tried with 1300 and 1500 and nothing happened.

  3. jaybee says:

    I got the 1st white fragment then went to ancient basin then head to palace grounds and hit the white armor but nothing is happening the i went to the abyss and look for the crack floor you said didn’t find ti either please help

    • Kirrund says:

      You need 1300 essence upgraded dream nail to be able to enter the White Armor’s dreams.

      For the floor in the abyss, once you have the completed two piece charm merely walk along the floor of the main abyss room and you’ll see the floor shake.

  4. Ijbest says:

    Can’t find the charm in the spot shown on your map. Is there a trigger for it?

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