Hollow Knight Boss List

Dream/Nightmare Version(s)

As you progress through the main story of Hollow Knight, you will eventually reach the Resting Grounds. Here you will receive the Dream Nail. The Dream Nail allows you to enter dreamlike worlds by striking certain things. In total there are 3 nightmare versions of bosses. These are all bosses you’ve fought before, but now they are even more difficult. To access these bosses simply return to their respective arenas and hit their corpses with the Dream Nail. Good luck. These bosses don’t mess around.

The Hidden Dreams update added two new dream bosses to face off against. These bosses are White Defender and Grey Prince Zote. Both these boss fights can be fought multiple times and each time the boss will get harder.

White Defender

Location: Secret Room After Dung Defender Arena. Ground Pound below the platform beneath the liquid tank.

Achievement: Memory

Grey Prince Zote

Location: Inside Gretta’s house (need to save her from Fungal Wastes), you will find a basement. Inside the basement is a statue you can use the Dream Nail on. This takes you to the fight with Grey Prince Zote (basically Zote on steroids). *It appears you need to save both Zote and Gretta to access this fight (can anyone confirm?)*

Achievement: Dark Romance

Warrior’s Graves

Getting the Dream Nail also lets you access the Warrior’s Graves scattered around the map. These graves contain spirits which are mini bosses of sorts. Some of the fights can be pretty hard, but push keep trying and you will eventually succeed. In total there are 7 graves to defeat:

– Greenpath – No Eyes
– Fungal Wastes – Elder Hu
– Howling Cliffs – Gorb
– Resting Grounds – Xero
– Deepnest – Galien
– Kingdom’s Edge – Markoth
– Queen’s Garden – Marmu

Mini Bosses

There are a total of 4 mini bosses in Hollow Knight. These bosses will simply be listed. No video or strategies.

  1. Forgotten Crossroads – Gruz Mother
  2. Greenpath – Massive Moss Charger
  3. Crystal Peak – Crystal Guardian 1+2
  4. Kingdom’s Edge – Zote (LMAO)
If you wish to submit videos or strategies to our Hollow Knight boss list hit us up in the Pit below.


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