Hogwarts Legacy Vault Twelve Statue Puzzles Solutions

When you start playing Hogwarts Legacy you have to complete a bit of a tutorial section. This tutorial section takes the player and Professor Fig to the Gringotts bank. Here they enter Vault Twelve where the first major puzzles are presented. These puzzles involve lining up the reflections of statues. To help you complete this section we’ve put together the Hogwarts Legacy Vault Twelve statue puzzles solutions guide below.

Determine How to Proceed

After you and Professor Fig make your way into Vault Twelve you will encounter a magical portal on the floor. When this portal is interacted with you are able to see the reflection statue below the floor. This statue is the first statue puzzle you need to complete in this dungeon. Thankfully completing it is not very difficult.

To start cast the Revelio spell to make the statue appear above its refection. Once you’ve cast that spell your next step is to wait for Professor Fig to walk around the statue. As Professor Fig walks around the statue you will notice that the reflection follows the light. This is how we solve the puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy statue puzzle solution vault twelve.
Stand in front of the lone statue to lineup its reflection.

Professor Fig will tell you to cast the spell Lumos. Follow the prompts to cast the spell then activate it so light is appearing out of your wand. With the light active on your wand walk to the front of the statue so you are standing inline with the sword. The reflection will move to face you, lining up with the statue. The statue then activates and the puzzle is solved. Solving this puzzle triggers a combat sequence to complete.

Activate the Statues

Hogwarts Legacy three statue puzzle solution for Vault Twelve.
Three statue puzzle solution. Stand where I am to solve.

Upon completion of the first statue puzzle you will be separated from Professor Fig. As you search for him you encounter another puzzle, but this time it features three statues to lineup. Thankfully, solving this puzzle works similar to the single statue one we solved earlier. The steps are:

  1. Cast Revelio spell.
  2. Cast Lumos spell.
  3. Walk so you are facing the front of all three statues.
  4. Position yourself similar to the screenshot above.
  5. Hold position until statues activate.

After you’ve activated statues you will trigger another combat sequence. During this sequence you need to follow the combat prompts to advance through Vault Twelve. Completing Vault Twelve takes you to Hogwarts where the house sorting process begins. You can watch my full run-through of Vault Twelve on the HTR YouTube channel.

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