Heartbreaker Live Event Guide – Far Cry 5

Heartbreaker Live Event guide
Here are the various progression levels of the Heartbreaker Live Event.

It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time for another Live Event in Hope County. This week’s Live Event is all about companions. For the Heartbreaker Live Event, you will need to enlist the help of either Cheeseburger or Peaches. To help you complete this event, take a look at the Heartbreaker Live Event guide below.

Heartbreaker Live Event Progression

Here are the various progression levels of the Heartbreaker Live Event.

Before I get to the strategy/guide portion of this post, let’s first dive into what exactly you need to complete in this week’s Live Event. Dubbed Heartbreaker, this week’s event tasks you with using either Cheeseburger or Peaches while hunting animals. You need to collect a certain number of Animal Hearts to unlock your loot. The amounts needed are:

Personal Progression:

  • 4 Animal Hearts = 50 Silver Bars
  • 8 Animal Hearts = P08 “Pastel Power”

Community Progression (PC):

  • 200k Animal Hearts = 50 Silver Bars
  • 400k Animal Hearts = Heartbreaker Shirt.

For exact instructions, let’s take a look at the Heartbreaker Live Event mission text-“The call of the wild. Beast vs. beast! Go hunting with Cheeseburger or Peaches and loot some animal hearts.” Let’s take a look at how exactly we can do this challenge below.

Heartbreaker Live Event Guide

Cheeseburger character page in Far Cry 5

Be sure to have either Cheeseburger or Peaches on your squad.

Before we even start this challenge, the first thing you’re gonna want to do is stock up on ammo and add Cheeseburger or Peaches (or both) to your hunting party. Once both of these steps are complete, make your way out to your favorite farm (farm animals work really well for this).

Animal Heart in Far Cry 5

The Animal Heart is a lootable mission item in this week’s Live Event

Once at your favorite farm, pop an Ultimate Hunter and scope out any cows or bulls you see. When aimed, order either Cheeseburger or Peaches to attack. After your companion has taken down its target, be sure to loot the Animal Heart [Mission Item] off of their corpse. Rinse and repeat this process eight times and you will have unlocked the personal progression loot for this week.

Access the Heartbreaker Live Event Loot

This week’s Live Event weapon unlock is the P08 Pastel Power.

To access the loot in the Heartbreaker Live Event, you will need to have collect the proper amount of Animal Hearts. Once the hearts have been collected, you should receive a prompt that you have Live Event rewards ready on screen. Access the Live Event tab to unlock your loot. For a more in depth look at each piece of loot, see below.

  • Silver: Your rewards of Silver can be acquired by opening the Live Events Progression screen in the Online part of the menu.
  • P08 “Pastel Power”: This pistol is available at any Weapon Shop after it has been unlocked. Access the Sidearms tab and scroll to the bottom. This skinned out P08 features a skin with hearts on it.
  • Heartbreaker Shirt: The Heartbreaker shirt can be accessed via the Character Customization screen under the Upper Body tab.

There you have it, a quick and dirty guide to easily completing the Heartbreaker Live Event. Come back next week for more tips on the next Live Event in Far Cry 5.

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