Slugger Live Event Guide – Far Cry 5

Screenshot of the progression numbers for the Slugger Live Event in Far Cry 5
These are the progression numbers for the Slugger Live Event in Far Cry 5.

Last week we left the hunting to Cheeseburger and Peaches, so this week it is only right that we do some killing for a change. This week’s Live Event in Far Cry 5 involves killing Peggies with your favorite shotgun and slug ammo. To help you easily complete this challenge, check out the Slugger Live Event guide below. Update: The Slugger Live Event is now tracking progression.

Slugger Live Event Progression

Screenshot of the progression numbers for the Slugger Live Event in Far Cry 5

These are the progression numbers for the Slugger Live Event in Far Cry 5.

Like every Live Event up to this point, you will need to reach certain numbers in order to access your loot goodies. The numbers you need to reach for the Slugger Live Event are as follows:

Personal Progression:

  • 5 Peggies Killed = 50 Silver Bars
  • 10 Peggies Killed = MG42 “Buzzkill”

Community Progression (PC):

  • 150K Peggies Killed = 50 Silver Bars
  • 300K Peggies Killed = Titan Force Shirt

To find out exactly what we need to do in order to complete the Slugger challenge, let’s take a look at the Live Event’s instructions. According to the Live Event page, you need to “grab your favorite shotgun and load up on slug ammo from shops, then get out there and hunt some Peggies!” Sounds simple enough. Let’s get started.

Slugger Live Event Guide

Before we rush out to blast some Peggies, we need to prepare. Like the challenge text states, we need to equip a shotgun and slug ammo. To do this, make your way to the nearest general store and equip a shotgun. While you are at the store, purchase the maximum amount of Slug Ammo from the Items Menu. Once you’ve done this, exit the store and equip the slug ammo from the weapons wheel.

USe the Slug Ammo on Peggies to complete this week’s Live Event.

Now that you’ve equipped your shotgun and slug ammo, you are all set to start killing Peggies. How you go about doing this is up to you, but I simply went to some active outposts and started blasting. You should rack up a number of kills fairly easily here to unlock your silver and the Buzzkill.

Access the Heartbreaker Live Event Loot

Screenshot of the Buzzkill MG in Far Cry 5

This MG42 is one of the rewards for completing this week’s Live Event.

To access the loot from the Slugger Live Event, you will need to have killed the proper amount of Peggies with Slug Ammo. Once the Peggies have been killed, you should receive a prompt that you have Live Event rewards ready on screen. Access the Live Event tab to unlock your loot. For a more in depth look at each piece of loot, see below.

  • Silver: Your rewards of Silver can be acquired by opening the Live Events Progression screen in the Online part of the menu.
  • MG42 “Buzzkill”: From the weapon shop under the Machine Guns tab
  • Titan Force Shirt: Can be found in the character customization menu under tops.

There you have it, a quick and dirty guide to easily completing the Slugger Live Event. Come back next week for more tips on the next Live Event in Far Cry 5.

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