Haunted Chocolatier Images Revealed by ConcernedApe

Back in October indie developer ConcernedApe, real name Eric Barone, revealed his new title Haunted Chocolatier. The reveal came in the form of a trailer that featured a first-look at gameplay for the upcoming slice-of-life, shop management simulator. Since the reveal Barone has been relatively quiet about the project, but he did take some time over the holidays to publish some new Haunted Chocolatier images you can find below.

Haunted Chocolatier Screen Shots Shared by ConcernedApe

Character named Burk in Haunted Chocolatier.
Image via ConcernedApe.

The first image, shared on Christmas Eve, shows a laboratory run by ghosts. The next set of images, released on New Year’s Day, show two locations from in the game including an old building on a cliff and a bus that has planters on it. The third and final image comes from the official blog and is of Burk. The image shows different emotions for the player portraits.

Haunted Chocolatier has players running a chocolate shop in a strange world. To manage the shop players must collect materials, create recipes, and sell goods. Besides these mechanics there is also a bustling world for players to explore including a slew of NPCs to meet and stories to uncover.

Besides the information shared above not much else is known about the title. Players of Stardew Valley will be familiar with ConcernedApe’s development style which emphasizes secrets and players discovery. This approach seems to be alive and well with Haunted Chocolatier. Information on the game will slow drip from ConcernedApe so follow his Twitter account ConcernedApe to stay up to date.

Haunted Chocolatier currently has no release date besides “when it is ready”. The game will come to PC and consoles when it does release.

What do you think of the Haunted Chocolatier images revealed? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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