GTA Online West Coast Classics Media Stick Guide

DJ Pooh holding a media stick in GTA Online.

On December 18th Rockstar Games added a new Media Stick for players to locate in GTA Online. This Media Stick is in celebration of the West Coast Classic radio station being on the air for 10 years. Like previous Media Sticks, when this one is collected, you unlock on demand music to listen to. To easily track down the GTA Online West Coast Classics Media Stick, use our guide below.

Call Into the West Coast Classics Radio Station

Initiate the search for the West Coast Classics Radio Station Media Stick by first calling into the station. Place the call using the contact on your phone or dial the number 6115551011.

Once you place the call DJ Pooh will tell you about the hidden Media Stick somewhere in Los Santos. This stick can appear at one of five locations throughout the city, which I give more details on below.

West Coast Classics Radio Media Stick Possible Locations

The Music Stick can appear in one of five possible locations. When the location is sent to you, a music icon will appear on your map.. The possible spawn locations for this Media Stick are:

At the mentioned locations, you must locate the Memory Stick. Similar to other collectibles, your controller will rumble as you approach it. For exact spawn locations check out this helpful video by GTA Series I linked above.

When you locate and collect the West Coast Classics Media Stick you will earn 1000 RP. You also unlock new media to listen to on the media player called DAM-FUNK and Even the Score.

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