GTA Online Metal Detector Guide

Starting today there is a new public event in GTA Online players can take part in to get a metal detector. This item allows you to search Cayo Perico for treasure during scope out missions. To learn more about this item and what it does see our GTA Online Metal Detector guide below.

Where is the Metal Detector

Image showing the Metal Detector spawns in GTA Online.
Spots you may find the Metal Detector.

The Metal Detector is located on a skeleton that washes up on the shore of Los Santos. It is a random event that can occur in multiple locations. The locations are marked on the map above. Both GTA Series and played a major role in finding all the spots shown above so big shout out to them. The red dots on the map above are possible spawn locations of the event.

When I found the event I was in a Public lobby. I attempted to look for it in an invite only lobby and had zero luck getting it to trigger. When you do find the event it will appear on your mini-map as a blue dot. Approach the blue dot and you will find a skeleton. The skeleton has two items on and around it you want to interact with: Metal Detector and Treasure Map.

Once you’ve found the Metal Detector and viewed the Treasure Map the next step is to go to Cayo Perico. You want to do the Intel Gathering portion of the heist where you have free run of the island.

Where to Find the Metal Detector Buried Stash Treasures on Cayo Perico

On the island open your map and you should see ? marks in different sections of the island. These are the hidden stashes. Go to the ? markers and use the Metal Detector to search for the hidden stashes. The closer you get to the buried stashes, the more bars will be in the Metal Detector. Once you fill it completely look for a mound of dirt. This is the stash. Dig it up to get $15K GTA and some RP. Each real world day there will be two stashes to find on the island.

That’s all you need to know about the GTA Online Metal Detector. This additional, daily collectible, joins the ranks of the daily Shipwreck and Sunken Treasure items you can find once per day for money and RP.

Thoughts on our GTA Online Metal Detector guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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2 responses

  1. SilasGivesDeath says:

    I found it once but could never get it equiped while on gather intel mission. the question marks showed on map once but dont anymore. i just finished and unsuccessful hour long search for old crusty skeleton with no luck.

    • enricofairme says:

      It’s probably bugged. Rockstar has a history of the random spawning events not working for some players.

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