God of War Ragnarok New Game+ Mode Out Now

God of War Ragnarok Armor Appearances.

God of War Ragnarök, the popular action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio, has just released a highly-anticipated update that introduces New Game Plus (NG+) mode. The update comes with a slew of new features, including new equipment, an increased level cap, and new Enchantments, making it the perfect opportunity for fans to dive back into the game and experience it in a whole new way.

One of the most exciting features of the NG+ mode is the ability to carry over all of your equipment, weapons, and skills from your previous save. This means that players can start their journey with their entire arsenal from the beginning, giving them a significant advantage in battles. However, it’s important to note that certain areas requiring Sonic and Hex arrows or the Draupnir Spear will not unlock until players reach the point in the main questline where they become available.

New Armor Sets, Shield, and Armor Set Colors

God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus mode armor.
Spartan and Black Bear Armor. Image via Santa Monica Studio.

In addition to the equipment and weapons from the base game, the NG+ update introduces new equipment, including the Armor of the Black Bear, Spartan Armor, Ares Armor, Zeus Armor, and Spartan Aspis. The Armor of the Black Bear provides a focus on strength and defense, with a perk that rewards last-second evades with a volley of Bifröst shards. The Spartan Armor, on the other hand, offers no Perk, no Stats, and is locked at Power Level 1, making it a challenging option for players looking for a serious test of their skills. The Ares and Zeus armors return from the previous game, with new visuals and perks that offer unique advantages to players.

Another exciting addition to the NG+ mode is the new shield, the Spartan Aspis. Similar to the Guardian Shield, it has a tighter parry window, but successful parries offer a more damaging reward. Players can purchase the Spartan Aspis at the Huldra Brothers’ Shop with Hacksilver.

Players can purchase and apply new color combinations and styles to any existing level 9+ armor in the transmog menu from the Huldra Brothers’ Shop. To provide players who seek change with a fresh experience, the developers have remixed 13 existing armors with previously unavailable appearances.

Level Cap Raise and New Enchantments

The NG+ mode also includes an increased level cap for both Kratos and enemies, providing more challenge and opportunities for players to progress. All level 9 equipment, including armor, weapons, weapon components, and shields, can be converted into new “Plus” versions that offer additional levels of progression. This conversion will also yield a Gilded Coin, which players can use to purchase new Enchantments from the shop.

The new Enchantments available in the shop take powerful and versatile perks from Armor (Engravings) and Shield Rönds (Badges), allowing players to equip them in their Amulet as Enchantments. For example, players can purchase the Dragon Engraving, which has the Dragon Scaled Breastplate Perk, Dragon’s Fury, and equip it in their Amulet while wearing a different chest piece. This allows players to combine two different chest armor perks at once, providing even more customization and strategy options.

The update also added a newBlack and White Render Mode that allows players to experience the game in a more cinematic and classic style. This mode is designed to resemble classic films and emphasizes the contrast between light and shadow, adding a new level of immersion to the game.

Overall, the NG+ update for God of War Ragnarök is an exciting addition to the already immersive and thrilling game. It provides players with new challenges and opportunities to progress, along with a variety of new equipment, Enchantments, and appearance options. Whether players are looking for a new adventure or want to revisit old favorites, the NG+ mode is sure to offer an unforgettable experience.

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